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Hello, Louise,

First of all, I like to thank you for your prompt answer...I found your address thru the Google Search machine...I think you speak of John Vincent Bellezza, when you mentioned John...
I came across his articles and other Web-pages, but could not get hold of an e-mail I also did send a picture to asian-art...with no reply yet.
This Amulet has been with me since 30 years...and even when once I lost literally found me again and fell once more from the sky...Today, since I send you two more pics, I just show you, that the piece must have been worn for centuries...since the top ring has gotten very thin...its still unbendable, even being so thin...
At this present time. Im in Austria for a while...having lived on the island of Ibiza for 32 years...and traveled to all continents and end...but have not made it to Ladakh...which still is on my mind and heart to go...Anyway...thank you for the moment...
The TRUST Logo my work...part of a book...
(T.R.U.S.T = The Real You Shines Thru)

From Louise,

Well, I wrote to Jungly John, who is, I believe, in India now, but no answer yet.  The sad truth is that I don't have any real expertise in thogchag iconography.  But that does not stop me from offering some ideas.  When I started going to Tibet, it was possible to find real, old, thogs for a few dollars.  Those days are over.  Fakes are getting better and better and that makes something like this all the more valuable.  The worn metal where the cord held it for years is important . Also,  there are no sharp edges of flash around the edges (as in "we just cast it.") .  But the most important thing, to me, is that this thog has a story and a history.  And it is a BEAUTY. Maybe it is an endless knot,  or 5 jewels?  We don't know but if you do, send a note.  Thanks, Bob for sending the photo. 

The Legendary John weighs in (he was, surprise, surprise, in Western Tibet):
Dear Louise,
I just happened upon this site and saw that you and others were trying to contact me. I think your email message was lost to my server. The thogchak you display is certainly just that: an ancient Tibetan talisman. While three interconnected rings in a triangular configuration are quite common, yours is rather unique and beautifully proportioned. It certainly has seen extended usage.
Best Wishes,

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