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Antique Tibetan Thangka.  Yum Chenmo,  The primordial Dakini of wisdom and Blueness.  Seen here with a head, in Reality, she has none. More on TibetanArt.org

Antique Tibetan Thangka Painting (left) showing the three emanations of Vajra Yogini in which this headless goddess par excellence appears with  all heads intact so as not to confuse practitioners.  Artist unknown. From the collection of  an American Not Quite Headless Dakini. In her original silk.
This piece was shown in the Glenn Mullin Flying Mystics exhibit in Atlanta and can be found in the Companion Book. (Serindia Spring 2006)

Feeding the demons,  New Newari Thangka, Kathmandu, Nepal
The piece says it all!
Click for larger image.

Headless in Miniature in Mongolia: (This Art from the museum may  be better viewed at himalayanart.org  or ZanabazarMuseum.org)
The Headless rider is not Paul Revere but Palden Llahmo.  She rides in a river of blood, carrying body parts and other assorted trophies of her deconstructed friends, acquaintances and self.  ©Zanabazar Museum, Ulaan Baator
Another teeny tiny Mongolian painting, here, of the supreme Female Buddha of Passion and Energy, Vajra Yogini. She is emptiness incarnate, yet beheaded by herself in serious meditation for a long long time.  She is pure energy so this is, by necessity only a tiny representation.
©Zanabazar Museum, Ulaan Baator

Detail from a modern Bonpo thangka; One way (not the only way) to headlessness.  Check this out yourself on TantricBliss.com

Last but probably the most unique:  The Amazing Yak Hair Textile!  More