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Featured Crafts Artist: "Paper-Making Dakini"

PAPER MAKING DAKINI'S 1998 TIBET PILGRIMAGE   PMD was and still is  a California friend and pilgrim and Buddha who  created this lovely paper-art web site/travelogue with text and photos of her experience.

Western Style Dakini Painting

Art by 'Lynnela' The artist of this lovely piece (in true egoless form) wishes to remain anonymous. The piece is delicate, yet carries a definitive political message: Dakinis come in all hair colors.

This unusual piece, colored pencil on white copy paper, is from the collection of  American Dakini-artist Pamala Lamala.  It depicts Spudmasambhava (not yet having attained total headlessness at the time of this photo), the beloved consort of Mashe Tsogyal.  Here, the great teacher and monastery builder displays the  mudra of peace.

The Classical Dakini in Modern
Commercial Use

Here, on the masthead of a website, www.domaindakini.com, a headless sky woman dances in bliss and emptiness amidst  Internet Dots and other precious jewels.  Unfortunately, for marketing reasons, the logo had to be abandoned.