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Contemporary Nepalese Bronze:
The Red Fiery One with brain and consort (represented as a broomstick.  She is not a witch and does not fly on this 'katvangha.'  Rather, she flies with her mind and body)

Pink Conch Shell"
Photo by Louise Smith, Boise, ID.
A shell without a head...

Tibetan Chod Architecture of the
Beheaded and Disembodied

THE NECHUNG MONASTERY OF THE DALAI LAMAS' ORACLE:  No Headless Pilgrimage would be complete without seeing this in detail and every chod-pa-ma must visit here once in his or her life.

Black Rock Pre-Buddhist Dakini's house: Documentation of the Ancient Zhang Zhung  Culture,  "New Archaeological Discoveries in Tibet." Possibly the home of Khemo Marmo.  More on asianart.com.  Photo courtesy of Jungly John Bellezza.