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Why this Site?
Just Another Tantric Joke?  Why this Site is
Not  (Necessarily) a Joke


I don't know; I just did it, and it was fun. Hey, anybody can put anything on the Internet and this is proof!  And the First Amendment is alive and well here in Boise.  But,  maybe a few things should be explained. 

"Dakini" is a word that means many things to many people.  The concept can also be understood on many levels.  Perhaps one could list the catagories of dakini:  1. Enlightened energy; 2. Female goddesses who embody this energy; 3. The human karmamudra, a woman, the visualization of whom, engenders passionate energy;  4.Common flesh-eating dakinis that are generally an annoyance; the list goes on and on.   As the tantrickas say, "See all women as the dakini."  The male counterpart of the dakini is the "daka."  Presumably the daka is as versatile as the dakini, although less has been written in that area.  (A great area for exploration and report?)   But seriously, dakinis on the level that concerns us here,  are really genderless, colorless, formless, so we don't need to be female to identify with the dakini.  Enough said about that.  Gee, in sum, I guess just about anything or anybody could technically be a dakini!

Now, "Dakini," in post-modern  Buddhist Tondrel Loosetalk is a woman with all kinds of  sought-after attributes.  The sky's the limit!  Many women are casually  referring to themselves dakinis and that is  great.  They are, for sure.  No problem there.

"Chod" is a practice from Tibet, originated by a real woman, Machig Labdron,  that involves visualizations that include chopping off one's own head, dismembering ones body, etc.  The chod iconography is fascinating  (see the Nechung Monastery).   These visualizations  can (maybe "better" is a better word here) be understood metaphorically as chopping or severing one's ego, "seeing" the world as if  it were all where your head used to be (see Harding, Links).   They can be seen as a type of tonglen also in which one visualizes feeding other beings with one's  own flesh (see the Bible).

In any case, and this is the important point, so nota bene:  The dakini who has also severed her head has made serious progress into seeing her persona for the aggregated compound conglomerate of  goo that it is.  Would this person really  go around referring to  herself by an appellation that implied that she was somehow more "special" than other lumps of goo?  Well, we don't really know for sure.  You can say, "Hey Samsara IS Nirvana,"  but then, let's get real...

So, the issue is not so simple as we can see,  although we at HD can be a bit simple.  Anyway, you can never tell by outward appearance and besides, judgments are but the fingernails of a real headless dakini.  The important thing is that, at least you took a look.  You did your best.  You found some wisdom and courage and bliss too.  What else can a dakini with a head do?


Discussion subject : What  IS a dakini, anyway?  And what's with the headless thing?  Send us your comments.  If they make any sense at all, we'll print  them. 
From KM, San Francisco:  "A dakini is bare awareness, emptiness, primordial stuff, basically.  A dakini is genderless, bodyless, self-less."

From TM, Santa Fe:  "Lots of women go around calling themselves dakinis but that's just a big ego trip, like, Hey,  I'm a dakini so I am special.  So the real dakinis don't act like they are special or sexy or beautiful and they don't wear dakini jewelry and all that; The real dakinis have chopped off their heads and their sad little individual narcissistic identities."
From our Editor-in-Chief at HD:  "Yes, people who identify themselves as dakinis are basically playing around in Samsara.  The really headless ones are not talking." When you  become headless, none of this will matter much.  You will just look around and feel kind of bad for the people carrying that heavy thing around on their shoulders."
From GiGi of NYC:  "When you are done fooling around and you've had it with all the hype, when the sangha politics are seen for what they are, when the idealized teacher is seen as yourself and nobody, then you are feeling pretty bad, but wow, what an opportunity to whack of that head!"
From MM in PA: "If you find yourself involved with a really headless dakini, use the opportunity  to give up slavery to the persona and meet your real self."
Famous Thai Dakini Aj. Buddhadasa: "Nothing should be clung to as 'me' or 'mine.'"
Famous Zen Dakini: "If you see a dakini anywhere, chop off her head."
From the Mysterious  - obviously a Harding Headless one  - Stanphe Dakini:  .."It's plain as the nose on my face" ...!!!!!!! hellooo!!! I CANNOT SEE the nose on my face, let alone the "eyes".. Am I looking out of these two eyes or just open space .. open AWARE nothingness???? I LOVE your site. Frankly, to me, that fits a "description" of I AM ..
Taro of the Bioenergetic headless Realm:  The realm of clearlight, where the manifold karmic structural patterns exhaust themselves,
swallowed by the reflexively liberating iron yoni and releasing a burst of nourishing inchoate openness.
Homage to the bagha !