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        Ekajati :
Tantric Deity of the Month

  Ekajati is our Dakini of the Month, and an important dakini she is, especially in the Nyingma Tradition.  In this Tibetan-style thangka we see this fearsome Dharma Protector with head intact, although she is, in reality, headless and egoless.  She takes this material form in order to protect us from our worst enemy, our annoying little self.
     Any ideas that we may be holding onto in the thought stream of "Me" or "Mine"  are trampled by this One-Toothed Goddess (note the flattened body under her left foot).  Although this Ekajati does have a head, her eye is single (as is her tooth and breast) and her body is filled with enlightenment awareness.  Note also, that this sublime goddess has no silly body image  problem. She doesn't give her looks a second thought--she just is.  Awareness, that is.    More info at Aroter.org